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About Us

A team of leading eye surgeons in northern kerala made the reality of complete eye care in 2017 with the commencement of
The Payyannur Eye Foundation.
Dr. P.M. Suresh Babu & Dr. Suresh Puthalath transforms their dream into reality in the form of The Payyannur Eye Foundation for introducing a new system of providing complete care for improving eye health in the region. We aim to transforming the dark into colors by giving focused care.

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Intra Ocular Clinic

IOLs are implanted in the eye usually as part of a treatment for cataracts or for correcting other vision problems.

Retina Clinic

Retina have vital role in vision, damage of retina can cause permanent blindness.

Cornea Clinic

Diseases affecting the cornea are a major cause of blindness all over the world.

Glaucoma Clinic

The most common type of glaucoma often has no symptoms other than slow vision loss.

Paediatric Opthalmology Clinic

Concentrates on treating the various eye problems affecting children.

Squint Clinic

We provides special diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the management of adult and paediatic squint disorders.

Oculoplasty Clinic

Plastic surgery focused on structures around the eye including eyelids, tear duct system, midface and forehead by qualified doctors.

Low Vision Clinic

Low vision is when you have lost a certain amount of eyesight. It is hard or impossible to do many of your normal tasks.

Contact Lens Clinic

We have a well-equipped state of the art Contact Lens Clinic offering an extensive range of Contact Lenses.

We served over 5000+ Patients

We place huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to grow in every aspect.

Amazing service!

P K Yogneswaran

Very friendly staff, Good attention and very fast Consultation with doctor also very friendly. This hospital should have started long before on Payyannur.

Expert doctors!

Shaheed K K

Good service best treatment. Let the benefits reach to all people. Best wishes.

Good Support!

Bindhu Mathew

The attitude of nursing staff appreciable.

Friendly Staffs!

Manoj S

Very much satisfied with the staff behaviour.